Lonza CC-3162 EGM-2 內皮細胞培養基套裝

Lonza CC-3162 EGM-2 內皮細胞培養基套裝




貨號 品名 規格 中文名稱
CC-4101A FBS 10ml 胎牛血清
CC-4113A hFGF-B 2ML 人成纖維生長因子
CC-4114A ?VEGF 0.5ML 血管內皮細胞生長因子
CC-4115A R3-IGF-1 0.5ML R3-促生長因子-1
CC-4117A hEGF 0.5ML 人內皮細胞生長因子
CC-4381A GA-1000 0.5ML 慶大霉素和兩性霉素的混合液即抗生素
CC-4396A HEPARIN 0.5ML 肝磷脂


貨號 品名 規格
CC-3162 EGM-2?BulletKit?(CC-3156?&?CC-4176) KIT
CC-3156 EBM-2?Basal?Medium 500ml
CC-4176 EGM-2?SingleQuot?Kit?Suppl&Growth?Factor

Clonetics ?培養基系列產品專為培養人和動物的原代細胞(primary derived cells)而設計。該系列產品仍在為不同的細胞系統不斷發展和優化。培養基的提供形式有:

? 基礎培養基 (Basal Medium) — 培養基不含生長因子,細胞因子,或其他附加劑。

添加劑 (SingleQuots? Kit) — 含生長因子,細胞因子,和附加劑。

套裝 (BulletKit ?) — 由基礎培養基和SingleQuots? Kit組成

CC-3156? EBM-2 內皮細胞基礎培養基 500ml
CC-3162? EGM-2 BulletKit (CC-3156&CC-4176) 套裝
CC-3202? EGM-2 MV BulletKit (CC-3156&CC-4147) 套裝
CC-3170? BEGM BulletKit (CC-3171&CC-4175) 套裝
CC-3150? MEGM BulletKit (CC-3151 & CC-4136) 套裝
CC-3107? KGM-2 BulletKit (CC-3103 & CC-4152) 套裝

Product Overview

Choose from a variety of endothelial cell growth media for an easy cultivation of primary endothelial cells. Every endothelial cell growth medium has its special formulation and is optimized to grow certain cell types. EGMTM?– 2 Medium is suitable to grow most types of large vessel endothelial cells. Each type of endothelial cell growth medium is guaranteed to perform when used to grow Lonza’s Endothelial Primary Cells.

The following Endothelial Cell Growth Medium BulletKitsTM?are available:?

  • EGMTM?BulletKitTM?(CC-3124)?– Optimized for HUVECs cat. no. CC-2517 and CC-2519, contains 2% FBS and BBE. Does not contain exogenous VEGF.
  • EGMTM-Plus BulletKitTM?(CC-5035)?– Enhanced version of EGMTM?Medium. Optimized for HUVECs cat. no.?CC-2935. Contains 2% FBS and BBE. Does not contain exogenous VEGF. Faster proliferation than HUVECs isolated in EGMTM?Medium.
  • EGMTM-2 BulletKitTM?(CC-3162)?– Optimized for certain HUVECs, Aortic and Pulmonary artery endothelial cells. Contains 2% FBS and VEGF for rapid proliferation. Does not contain BBE.
  • EGMTM-2 MV BulletKitTM?(CC-3202)?– Coronary and Iliac artery, human microvascular endothelial cells, contains 5% FBS and VEGF for rapid proliferation. Does not contain BBE.

Lonza guarantees the performance of endothelial cells only if appropriate EGM Media and Reagents are used exclusively and the recommended storage and use protocols are followed. Any modifications made to the recommended cell systems including the use of alternative media, reagents or protocols, will void cell and media performance guarantees.

Content & Storage


1 x EBMTM-2 Basal Medium (CC-3156), 500 mL

1 x EGMTM-2 SingleQuotsTM?Supplement Pack (CC-4176) containing:

1 x Bottle FBS, 10.00 mL
1 x Natural Cap Vial with Hydrocortisone, 0.20 mL
1 x Gray Cap Vial with hFGF-B, 2.00 mL
1 x White Cap Vial with VEGF, 0.50 mL
1 x Yellow Cap Vial with R3-IGF-1, 0.50 mL
1 x Blue Cap Vial with Ascorbic Acid, 0.50 mL
1 x Green Cap Vial with hEGF, 0.50 mL
1 x Red Cap Vial with GA-1000, 0.50 mL
1 x Orange Cap Vial with Heparin, 0.50 mL